Best Hoopers – Jonathan Livingston Baxter

This hoop blog has been a tad bit estrogenic of late so thought I’d add in some of the divine masculine in this edition to mix it up. So I’d like to introduce Jonathan Livingston Baxter of HoopPath and I can’t think of any other male hooper I’d prefer to start with – although there are countless divine talented masculine hoopers out there just search YouTube to confirm that!

You can watch the HoopPath hooping instructor in a heart warming interview below, relate his story of how he came to hooping and how this form of exercise has allowed him to heal his mind, body, and soul. Baxter gives us an insight of how we can learn to center ourselves so that we can live a better and more fulfilling life.

Many hoopers and meditaters will agree alike: “There are many paths which we can follow to reach enlightenment. Some may think of this as ‘awakening our true essence’ while others see it as a way to ‘center ourselves.’ I find it very interesting that something as simple as a child’s toy – the Hula Hoop – can be used to create a new reality for those who choose to learn hooping.”

Don’t worry I didn’t forget an actual hoop video. Check out this amazing hoop dance with his trademark blindfold and try not to swoon… well you can if you like no judgements here!

Baxter’s latest tour is entitled, “Peace Dojo.”   The “Peace Dojo” workshops are written to help hoopers, new and old, learn and develop the key foundation skills of the HoopPath Curriculum. If you want to see if he’s on his way to your town check out his website.

Stalk much? Here’s his handles:


Instagram: @Hooppatherbaxter

Twitter: @HoopPather

Facebook: @HoopPathHome

If you want to grab your own custom made magic circle you can check out my Etsy shop @Tiny Space Creations

Instagram @Chiqihoopini

Facebook: @Chiqihoopini

Twitter: @Chiqihoopini



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