Photographed by Eric Dany

Best Hooper – Lila Chupa-Hoops

Lila Photographed by Eric Dany

Lila Chupa-Hoops, – a multi-talented and multi-prop performer – was created in 2011 to begin performing with a stage name. She started out performing in clubs and cabarets and soon co-created a hoop community in Paris known as HoopEra. Lila tours with her shows in Europe and her main plans according to her Facebook bio is to create a hula hoop school in Paris. 

Her recent tutorial on variations of a mandala-wedgie-escalator is truly inspiring and my inner thighs are raw trying to nail it but she breaks it down so well. And the variations are great too especially the 4-hoop globe. Lila has injected a fresh enthusiasm into my flow as I felt in a bit of a hoop rut. You know the one where you seem to just flow with the same tricks over and over even though you’ve learned a gazillion mmmhmm that one! Well if you want a stage worthy trick check out the hoop tutorial below and be sure to show her some love for sharing this well made tut with us!

Want to stalk her? mmhmm yeah ya do!

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