Best Hoopers: Fire Gypsy

Best Hoopers

Best Hoopers: Lisa Lottie

Best Hoopers: Lisa Lottie / Photo credit: Covent Garden Street Performers

Best Hoopers was born out of my increasing obsession with all things hoopy! The hula hooping community is growing at an alarming rate which is pretty awesome as all ages, sizes and genders take to the hoop to express themselves in a whirlwind of passion, colours and individual style.

I’m hooping my blog will keep you up to date with the best hoopers in the industry today that are crushing it, like Rachael Lust, Deanne Love, Lisa Lottie, Caterina Suttin, Brecken and Baxter to name just a few. You can jump on over to the best hoopers website if you want to grab the goodies all these famous hoop artists use to hone their talent or just stay here and ooh and awe with me as I feature all the top hoopers today.

One of my favourite little videos, that always gets me inspired and grabbing my hoop is Lisa Lottie vs Satya, with flawless wedgie kick ups, iso-flowers, hand stands and multi-hooping these girls rock this hoop duo! I hope you enjoy ❤




One comment

  1. kaylamariehoopdance · November 18, 2014

    Love this ❤


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