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Best Hoopers – Jonathan Livingston Baxter

This hoop blog has been a tad bit estrogenic of late so thought I’d add in some of the divine masculine in this edition to mix it up. So I’d like to introduce Jonathan Livingston Baxter of HoopPath and I can’t think of any other male hooper I’d prefer to start with – although there are countless divine talented masculine hoopers out there just search YouTube to confirm that!

You can watch the HoopPath hooping instructor in a heart warming interview below, relate his story of how he came to hooping and how this form of exercise has allowed him to heal his mind, body, and soul. Baxter gives us an insight of how we can learn to center ourselves so that we can live a better and more fulfilling life.

Many hoopers and meditaters will agree alike: “There are many paths which we can follow to reach enlightenment. Some may think of this as ‘awakening our true essence’ while others see it as a way to ‘center ourselves.’ I find it very interesting that something as simple as a child’s toy – the Hula Hoop – can be used to create a new reality for those who choose to learn hooping.”

Don’t worry I didn’t forget an actual hoop video. Check out this amazing hoop dance with his trademark blindfold and try not to swoon… well you can if you like no judgements here!

Baxter’s latest tour is entitled, “Peace Dojo.”   The “Peace Dojo” workshops are written to help hoopers, new and old, learn and develop the key foundation skills of the HoopPath Curriculum. If you want to see if he’s on his way to your town check out his website.

Stalk much? Here’s his handles:


Instagram: @Hooppatherbaxter

Twitter: @HoopPather

Facebook: @HoopPathHome

If you want to grab your own custom made magic circle you can check out my Etsy shop @Tiny Space Creations

Instagram @Chiqihoopini

Facebook: @Chiqihoopini

Twitter: @Chiqihoopini


Best Hooper – Rachael Lust


This one is really long over due but there is just so many hoopers out there that blow my mind. Rachael shot to hooping fame when her hoop video to Maclemore’s Thrift Shop went viral. It’s not far off 1 million views now on youtube. You can check out the video below.

It was actually Rachael’s husband who introduced her to the magic circle. He spins poi and although Rachael was raised a gymnast she was looking for something to compliment her hubby’s hobby that they could both do together. Aw couple flow is so sweet!

Rachel won 2014 Hooper of the Year Award for her hoop prowess and her videos which she records mostly in her kitchen have gone so viral that if you type in ‘hooper’ sometimes google gives you the option ‘hooper in her kitchen’ – that’s how much this amazing hoop mama is being searched for.  If you want to catch her on tour you can check out her website or follow her on Facebook.

Here’s another video of the self proclaimed ‘hard and fast’ core hooper it’s not hard to see why! You can subscribe to her YouTube channel for more glorious hoop spam mmm hoop spam!

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Photographed by Eric Dany

Best Hooper – Lila Chupa-Hoops

Lila Photographed by Eric Dany

Lila Chupa-Hoops, – a multi-talented and multi-prop performer – was created in 2011 to begin performing with a stage name. She started out performing in clubs and cabarets and soon co-created a hoop community in Paris known as HoopEra. Lila tours with her shows in Europe and her main plans according to her Facebook bio is to create a hula hoop school in Paris. 

Her recent tutorial on variations of a mandala-wedgie-escalator is truly inspiring and my inner thighs are raw trying to nail it but she breaks it down so well. And the variations are great too especially the 4-hoop globe. Lila has injected a fresh enthusiasm into my flow as I felt in a bit of a hoop rut. You know the one where you seem to just flow with the same tricks over and over even though you’ve learned a gazillion mmmhmm that one! Well if you want a stage worthy trick check out the hoop tutorial below and be sure to show her some love for sharing this well made tut with us!

Want to stalk her? mmhmm yeah ya do!

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Best Hooper – Anna Fisher

I am raging I missed Anna Fisher holding a workshop tonight in Cork’s Circus Factory. Thank you car engine for deciding not to work anymore! But I am grateful I made it to Lisa Lottie’s workshop last week so a hooper can’t be too greedy I suppose, although look at my ever expanding stack of hoops and you might disagree.

Anna has a fan page on Facebook in case you missed her Irish workshop too and want to be ready for the next round join here.

Anna displays some incredible hoop splitting and hoop balancing talent not separately people she combines both these tricky hoop tricks and you can get a sneak peak of her best hooper talent on YouTube 


Photos by Sarah Murphy Photography

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Best Hoopers: Deanne Love of Hooplovers

Best Hoopers: Deanne Love

Best Hoopers: Deanne Love of Hooplovers

I’ve been in a little bit of a funk the past week. It’s taken all my energy to look at the anger that kept arising within me, I’m definitely resisting something but I couldn’t put my finger on it and I knew something was up when I just couldn’t dance or pick up my hoop. The past few days a turning came when I got an email from Deanne Love of Hooplovers, on the culmative effect of hooping and it reminded me how much I love this woman.

Best Hoopers: Deanne is an inspiration in the hooping community!

Best Hoopers: Deanne is an inspiration in the hooping community!

When I took her classes in Melbourne she always had an energy and sensitivity to where you were with your hoop in that moment and helped you through the serious hold-your-breath moments to the big cheesy 5 year old grin ‘I nailed this’ moment with my hoop.

This is one of my favourite performances from Deanne.

If you’re new to hooping or haven’t joined Hooplovers yet jump on over for a plethora of hooping tutorials with Deanne and they’re all free! She’s also offering one of the most comprehensive hooping academy courses around today if you feel like taking your hoop coaching to the next level, well what are you waiting for?

Pics credit:

Best Hoopers: Fire Gypsy

Best Hoopers

Best Hoopers: Lisa Lottie

Best Hoopers: Lisa Lottie / Photo credit: Covent Garden Street Performers

Best Hoopers was born out of my increasing obsession with all things hoopy! The hula hooping community is growing at an alarming rate which is pretty awesome as all ages, sizes and genders take to the hoop to express themselves in a whirlwind of passion, colours and individual style.

I’m hooping my blog will keep you up to date with the best hoopers in the industry today that are crushing it, like Rachael Lust, Deanne Love, Lisa Lottie, Caterina Suttin, Brecken and Baxter to name just a few. You can jump on over to the best hoopers website if you want to grab the goodies all these famous hoop artists use to hone their talent or just stay here and ooh and awe with me as I feature all the top hoopers today.

One of my favourite little videos, that always gets me inspired and grabbing my hoop is Lisa Lottie vs Satya, with flawless wedgie kick ups, iso-flowers, hand stands and multi-hooping these girls rock this hoop duo! I hope you enjoy ❤